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North Hollywood

It is possible to make a mistake and get arrested. Such experiences can be quite frightening, especially when you learn that you will have to spend time in jail. Thankfully, with the existence of bail bonds companies, one can avoid jail time by requesting bail. However, not all bail bondsmen are in a position of offering excellent services. You need a company that has established a good relationship with the judicial system, the judges, and the lawyers. If you are looking for efficient North Hollywood bail bonds, get in touch with us at Exit Bail Bonds. We operate 24/7/365, and our bail bond agents are always ready to help you or your loved one get out of custody.

How Bail is Set

If you want to get out of custody, the best option is posting bail. Please note that bail is not a punishment nor an alternative to your sentence; Bail is posted to guarantee that you will appear in court as required, and it gives you the chance to resume normal life out of custody as you prepare your defense for the alleged crime.

The defendant pays a non-refundable portion of the amount to the bail bonds company, which is usually a maximum of ten percent. The defendant can pay less than the ten percent if a counsel represents the defendant, is a government employee, or a union member.

Each California county has a local bail schedule that the court should refer to when deciding on the bail amount. The schedule contains the bail bonds limits depending on the types of offenses committed. Thus, North Hollywood bail bonds are determined by the Los Angeles Bail Schedule. If the defendant can manage to raise the amount that the court has set, then he or she can go ahead to paying it. In most cases, defendants rely on bonds companies to pay the required sum.

For minor offenses such as DUI with no injuries or accidents, the jail can consider releasing the defendant without requesting for a bond. However, if the offense falls within the schedule, the jail will require the defendant to pay the amount or request for a bond. During your first arraignment, the court might decide to modify the bail, depending on the circumstances of your case. If you are dissatisfied with the bail, your defense attorney can request a hearing after two days to challenge it.

If you seek to reduce the bail amount, there are a few factors that the court will consider. These factors include:

  • How serious the offense was
  • If anyone was injured, and if so, how serious were the injuries
  • Whether the defendant used any weapons or if there were any drugs involved
  • Whether you are are a threat to public safety
  • Whether you are employed and you have any connections with the community such as business interest or property interest
  • Your criminal history
  • Your likelihood to appear to future court proceedings

For those who have serious offenses charges, the court might decide to modify the bail without finding any unusual circumstances as their justification. This can include:

  • Discovery of evidence that can incriminate you
  • When the prosecution witnesses against you have disappeared or decide not to cooperate      
  • You become gravely ill
  • You are found with a one-way ticket to another state or country and a large sum of money

Bail Denial By The Court

There are specific circumstances that can lead to denial for your bail request. For instance, if another jurisdiction has filed a warrant of arrest on your or holds you for committing another crime, you would have violated parole, and you will not get bail.

Also, under California constitution Article 1 section 12, a defendant can be denied bail if one is involved in felony sexual assault or an act of violence to another person, and can pose harm to others upon release. However, there are various things that the judge should consider when concluding whether to deny bail to a defendant. These considerations include:

  • The presumption that you are guilty of the crime based on your bailing
  • You have previous crime accusation against you
  • Evidence that upon your release, you will pose a threat to the community

If the above-stated aspects get satisfied, there are high chances of being denied bail. For example, a rape suspect might not be granted bail if the prosecutor convinces the court that your release will result in significant bodily injury to another person.

Therefore, you need also to have a team of skilled attorneys in your defense to challenge the prosecution’s reasons for granting bail. If you are granted bail, our team at Exit Bail Bonds will offer you various options of North Hollywood bail bonds that suits your situation.

Conditions of Bail

The judicial system has established conditions of bail to protect the community against the accused and ensure that the defendant appears to court as provided. Judges have much freedom in providing the conditions to ensure that the defendant completes the purpose of the plea. The conditions that the judge might impose on the defendant are as follows:

Typical Conditions

There are specific types of conditions that apply in most ordinary cases. The requirements include:

  • Obeying all laws
  • Avoiding certain people or certain places
  • Following a curfew established by the court
  • Complying with particular travel restrictions
  • Following a house arrest imposed by the court
  • Maintaining or finding employment
  • Surrendering your driver’s license or passport
  • Avoiding any contact with the victim
  • Avoiding drinking and driving with any alcohol content in your system
  • Wearing a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) gadget
  • Restricting movements within California
  • Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) if you have alcohol-related history

Invalid Conditions

In these types of conditions, the judge can set restrictions that unreasonably interfere with some of the constitutional rights of a person. For instance, the judge might require the defendant to consent to a home search by the police at any time. Such a condition is invalid since it goes against the US Constitution Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures on someone’s property.

Consequences For Violating Bail Conditions

Judges have leeway in deciding the kind of consequences they will impose on defendants who defy the bail conditions provided. Some of the consequences include:

  • Issuance of warrant of arrest on the defendant
  • Giving a warning
  • Revoking the bail and putting the defendant back in police custody
  • Hold the defendant in contempt of court

The judge has the freedom to decide the consequences depending on the circumstances surrounding the case at hand. Therefore, there are less severe consequences, such as warning for minor violations. For more severe offenses such as threatening the witness, the judge will most likely take stringent measures such as revoking the bail.

Any defendant should rely on an experienced and renowned bail bonds company that is conversant with the conditions and consequences of North Hollywood bail bonds. Thus, your bail bondsman should be able to explain these conditions and repercussions before you agree to anything.

Types of Bails Accepted By The Court

There are three ways that a defendant can post a bail bond in California. This include:

Cash Bail

Under Penal Code 1269, a defendant has the opportunity of posting a cash bail bond or cashier’s check on the amount that the jail has set. This is the easiest way to post bail and usually ranges between $10,000 to $100,000, which is unlikely to raise such an amount since most people do not have such an amount in possession. The court will return the amount as long as the defendant attends to the court hearing. If you fail to appear to the court, you end up forfeiting the cash bail and might not get the cash back.

The county takes six to twelve weeks to return the cash bail to a defendant who has been appearing to court. If one fails to appear to court, the court orders 180 days to locate the defendant and bring him/her into custody. If law enforcement officers fail to notify the court within 180 days, the cash bails are forever forfeited to the state.

Bail Bonds

Under Penal Code 1276, defendants within California can opt to take a bail bond since it is pretty hard to raise the required cash bail out of pocket. A bail bond is a contract between a defendant and a bail bond agent, where the agent posts the bail on behalf of the defendant based on the promise to appear to court. However, there is a specific premium that the defendant has to pay, which is usually 10 percent of the total amount required by the court.

If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman forfeits the bail money. Therefore, they have the responsibility of monitoring the defendant to make sure that he or she appears to court. The bondsman usually requires collateral that is equivalent to the amount that you expect them to post on your behalf. Therefore, if the court forfeits the bail, the bondsman will use the collateral to recover your bail amount. As a defendant, you need to seek help from a reputable North Hollywood bail bonds company to get the best services and terms for the amount you need to be posted.

Property Bond

Under Penal Code 12376.5, defendants within California can post a property bond instead of posting a cash bail or relying on a bail bond agent. A property bond involves posting your real property to guarantee your appearance to court.

For a court to accept a property bond, its value should be twice the bail amount. Also, the property must have gotten a recent appraisal, have a professional estimation, and have its liens disclosed. The court usually places a lien on the property if you fail to appear in court. In that case, the county forecloses the property to recover the amount of bail. This process is not advisable since it involves complicated and time-consuming activities.

Release On The Person’s Recognizance

Under the California Constitution Article 1, section 12(c), a defendant can be released on his or her recognizance. This means that the court will not require any bail, and your release will be based on a written promise to appear to court. This happens when one has a misdemeanor case at hand.

The Importance of Bail Bonds Compared to Other Types of Bonds

Many people cannot afford to pay the bail amount that the court demands. Therefore, most people opt for a bail bond since it is the quickest and safest method to avoid custody. There are other benefits that one can enjoy by working with a bail bonds company. Here are a few advantages that a defendant can enjoy.

  1. Quick Services and Processing

Most people are not familiar with the legal procedures, even those who are educated. Therefore, it requires someone who is conversant with the legal proceedings and can work through them faster. A bail bond company works exclusively in the legal field and is conversant with every procedure needed to ensure a painless and quick bailing process.

  1. Dealing with a Bail Bonds Company is Less Destructive

Imagine a situation where you need to convince your family member to help you raise a cash bail or put your property as the bond. It is quite stressful and disruptive and can easily lead to disagreements. However, with the reliance on a bail bonds company, you can easily keep yourself out of jail without needing much support from your family.

  1. Unbiased Assistance

Anyone faced with a trial usually ends up getting a lot of advice and opinions from different people. Although the information that you get means well to you, it is recommended to stick to the advice provided by your defense attorney and the bail bond company referred to you. A professional bail bond company suits best for such consideration due to its reputation of remaining unbiased in its services.

  1. Saves Money

As you have learned earlier on, the court demands quite high amounts for a property bond and a cash bond as well. Therefore, defendants usually end up borrowing money from their friends and family members and putting their properties at the risk of foreclosing if they do not appear to court. However, with a bail bond agent at hand, a defendant can easily raise the required amount without too much hassle or worries.

  1. Shortens The Jail Time

If a defendant cannot manage to raise the required amount, it means that he or she will end up spending time in police custody until the date that the court has set. Also, if one can manage to raise the amount, it takes time to mobilize enough funds needed for the bail. However, having a bail bondsman to your rescue will reduce the time spent on raising the required bail amount.

Contact an Agent Offering Efficient North Hollywood Bail Bonds Services Near Me

No one would like to undergo the hassle and stress that comes with possible police custody. Therefore, you should seek a professional bail bonds company that will be to your rescue. Exit Bail Bonds offers efficient North Hollywood bail bonds services for people who are arrested for minor offenses and serious offenses. Reach out to as at 951-788-1722 to speak to one of our agents today.

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