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Modesto Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested in Modesto, CA in Stanislaus County and want help getting out of jail by bail Exit Bail Bonds is here to help you. We serve clients in Modesto, CA and the greater Stanislaus County through our experienced bail bonds agents. We understand that you or your loved ones do not want to spend an extra hour or days in a jail cell, this is why our agents offer instant services that are also affordable for everyone.

General Idea of Bail and Bonds

Typically, bail refers to a stipulated amount of money that you pay the court or jail following your arrest to purchase freedom before a trial. It may also refer to the general process of getting an arrestee out of jail pending their case hearing. The bail serves two essential functions in criminal justice:

  1. Reduce congestion and demand on jail space
  2. Ensure that upon release, the suspect will still appear in court when required

A bond agency can step in whenever you are not able to pay the bail amount. The agency pays an agreed percentage of bail or the whole of it in the form of a surety bond. However, before posting the amount for you, the agency will require that you pay some fees. During the process, a bail agent, also called bondsman, is needed. The agent may work as an independent individual or on behalf of a bond agency. Some of the bond agent’s roles include completing with you the necessary bail bond paperwork, receiving the agreed fees, and tracking your whereabouts in the event of your failure to attend the proceedings of the court.

Elements Related to Bail Bonds

The actual bail (getting out of jail) usually occurs after apprehension and seizure, booking, and bail hearing as discussed below.

Apprehension and Seizure

Upon committing a crime, or when you’re suspected of an offense, the police arrests and takes you into police custody. Then, you are shifted to jail or any criminal correction facility where you will be booked. There are two notable jailhouses in Modesto where you can be detained: Stanislaus County Men’s Jail in Modesto, CA 95354 (1115H Street) and Stanislaus County Public Safety Center in Modesto, CA 95358 (200 Hackett Rd).

At this stage, three outcomes are possible: If the arresting officers did not present a case against you, they could decide to release you; if a lawsuit is filed, then you will have to remain in the police custody until the court decides whether to give you a bail option or not. If bail is not granted, you will have to stay in custody until when the judgment is granted, or a resolution on your case has been made.

The Booking Process

Booking is an administrative process that follows your arrest. Some activities are carried out by the police on you at this point. For instance, the police will take your photo and record all your personal information ranging from your age, names, and even residence. Your thumbprints are also entered into the databank of the jail facility to see whether there is any pending criminal offense against you. Any personal property is equally taken and kept in the facilities store. Also, the officers are required to conduct a health examination to determine your state of health, and if fit, you will be taken to a detainment holding section. Upon booking, any of the following three things occur:

  • The police can release you after you have notified them in writing that you will avail yourself in court when called upon,
  • Release following payment of the bail amount, or
  • Wait for a bail hearing.

The law generally determines the option you will be subjected to. In most cases, if you were arrested for minor crimes such as petty theft or misconduct, you are likely to be released with just a written notice to avail yourself in the court later. However, if a more severe offense is filed against you, the law will require that you remain in custody till a bail hearing is made.

Bail Inquiry and Hearing

The eighth amendment prohibits the federal government from inflicting cruel punishments, excessive fines, and excessive bails on defendants. This amendment anchors the bail inquiry and hearings in the State since every defendant has the right to request a bail hearing, and courts must be considerate while determining the amount of bail to be paid. Still, the courts have the discretion to decide whether a defendant is eligible for release on bail or not by considering the following factors.

  1. Flight Risk – If there are high chances that you may flee the state or go into hiding, the court may deny you the bail option. If the bail is granted, the amount would be higher. This would mostly occur if you are facing severe crimes that may result in hefty fines or lengthy jail terms;
  2. Public links – Business and family are some of the elements that increase your connection with the community. If the court establishes that you are deeply rooted in public on such grounds, the bail option may be granted. On the other hand, if you are merely a visitor, own no business, and without a family, the court tends to assume that you may easily flee; this may prompt the court to deny your request for bail;
  3. Family responsibilities – If the well-being of your family depends heavily on you, the court will generally impose a lower bail amount on you than if you a have no family obligations;
  4. Earnings and Possessions -- Depending on the amount of possession and income associated with you, the bail amount may vary. For instance, if you are wealthy enough, lower bail amounts will be insignificant, and hence, the court may charge you a more substantial amount;
  5. Criminal and Court History – The amount of bail would also be high if you have a criminal history or defaulted to appear in court after a previous release by bail. If you have no records of criminal convictions and violation of court orders, the court may set a bit lower bail amount;
  6. The seriousness of the Crime – If you have been accused of a severe offense, the amount of surety will be much higher than if you are charged with a minor crime;
  7. Public Safety – Public safety is a great concern for government entities. If you pose any risks to yourself or other people, the court may deny you bail. Such risks may include repeating the same crime or disrupting the investigation process so that the prosecution evidence is weak. Thus, you may find yourself being denied bail if the prosecutor can show that you have links to terrorist activities or other severe crimes such as murder.

The Bail Bond Process

If you are granted an option of bail, specifically a cash bail, you have to pay the amount instantly. Otherwise, you can consult a bail bonds agency if you aren’t able to pay the cash.

The bail bonds process has been made easy and faster than before. The bonds agency uses electrical means such as e-mails and fax to fill out the necessary paperwork and keep in touch with the defendant. The agent will typically ask you simple questions about your residence, names, and the type of crime. The bondsman will then prepare a contract between you and the bonds agency – a process that usually takes not more than ten minutes to complete. Upon completing the paperwork, the payment arrangements are made, and the bondsman may then post the bail.

Examples of Bail Bonds

Exit Bail Bonds offers different bail bonds options for people in Modesto, CA and the greater Stanislaus County. The most common examples are cash bonds, surety bonds, and property bonds.

With a surety bond, the bail agent holds the responsibility for the defendant’s appearance in court. If the defendant doesn’t show up as ordered, the agent or agency would have to settle the required bail amount or track down the defendant (using a bounty hunter) and avail them in court.

A property bond is an uncommon option, but still, available to you especially when the court can establish your possessions in the form of assets. Under this option, the court will seize your property if you don’t show up as ordered.

Finally, a cash bond is common where the court denies you to post your bail in the form of assets. This option is suitable for defendants who are accused of petty crimes since the required amount would be relatively lower compared to felony crimes. Nevertheless, a bail bonds agency can post the cash bail bond for you if you cannot raise the required amount.

Why You Need a Bail Bonds Agent 

Spending time behind bars as you wait for the court proceedings can be frustrating to you and your loved ones. A bail bond agent can help you avoid incarceration if you cannot afford to pay cash bail. You are also guaranteed the following benefits when you choose to work with a professional bail bond company:

Faster Processing 

Filing the forms needed to process your bail may be a time-consuming and confusing task. A bail bond agent can walk you through the processes to ensure the fast processing of your bail. Bail bond agents also know all the procedures involved in this legal field. They can guarantee you a quick and painless process. 

Less Disruption to Your Loved Ones

Court proceedings usually cause stress to defendants together with their loved ones. Your close friends and family members are also likely to suffer emotional trauma if you are separated from them. Seeking a bail bond can help you give your loved ones peace of mind and be there for them when they need you. You may require the family support as you await trial for your case.

Cost Savings

Most people experience difficulties trying to raise the full bail amount when they are arrested or have a loved one who is arrested. The court may ask you to pay a higher bail amount, which is far beyond the amount of money you have in your savings. You may decide to borrow money from your family members or friends. Your best option for raising bail if you or your loved ones cannot afford it is to work with a bail bond company.

Reduced Jail Time 

You may find it daunting to wait until your set court date reaches for you to know whether you will be spending time locked up or as a free person. With a bail bond, you will not have to spend time in jail waiting for this set court date. The bail bond company can facilitate the transaction whether you are arrested in the middle of the night or the weekend. You will get the chance to meet your lawyer and discuss facts regarding your case when you are out of jail.

Unbiased Help 

When entrusting a reliable bail bond company to bail you or your loved one out of jail, you will benefit from round-the-clock assistance. Your chances for being denied the financial help are low provided that the company is reputable for serving clients unbiasedly.  It may be difficult to find this unbiased help from other traditional lenders who do not respect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bail Bonds

Our devotion is to help clients find the peace of mind they need as they wait for their set court dates. Having a strong understanding of the entire bail bond process together with the available options, can help you secure a good bail bond. Take time reading through the questions and corresponding answers on bail bonds highlighted below:

Do we offer bonds suited for all bail amounts? 

You can seek bail bonds of different amounts from us regardless of the charges you or your loved ones are facing. We are committed to helping you deal with the situation financially as your case is pending trial. Discussing your situation with us can help you understand the range of our services.

How long is a Bail Bond Agent responsible for a criminal defendant?

Bail bond companies are usually responsible for defendants until the set court date reaches. Expect your bail bond to be canceled once you have your case dismissed or discharged. A bail bond company has no liability on the fines or sentence a court imposes on you for pleading guilty or being found guilty.

Is the premium subject to a refund?

We do not make any refunds on premiums paid by our clients. You will be fully responsible as a co-signer or defendant to us for the premium and any other charges demanded by us. The premium is still non-refundable even if the court dismisses your case or you are taken into custody. 

What does it mean to have your bond forfeited?

Once you fail to show up in court as requested, the judge handling your case may forfeit your bond. If the bond is forfeited, your bail bond agent will be ordered to surrender you to the court. Alternatively, the court may direct your bail bondsman to pay the full bond amount posted on your behalf. 

What does Bail Bond Reinstatement mean?

A court can reinstate a bail amount that was previously revoked. If the bail is not forfeited, a nominal fee for processing the reinstatement will be charged. The court will also dismiss any bench warrant given after the amount was revoked. Your bail bond company can surrender you to court and submit a re-assumption or liability reinstatement letter. With this letter, the company will be asking the judge to reinstate your forfeited bail.

Contact Bail Agents Near Me

To avoid spending any extra hours in jail, we invite you to contact Exit Bail Bonds immediately if you or a loved one has been arrested. We have experienced agents throughout Modesto, CA and the greater Stanislaus County area who are ready to bail you out as soon as possible. Call 209-496-3334 to talk to one of our agents today.

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