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Riverside County Bail Bonds

Exit Bail Bonds is a family-run bail bonds firm that has been operating in Riverside County for more than ten years. We are a pioneer in the field of electronic bail applications. We can walk you through the bail bond procedure over the telephone from the convenience of your home, office, or anywhere you may be at the moment. Our team at Exit Bail Bonds will help with the bail bonds process and make everything as simple while at the same time maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and respect. We would like to assist you in getting you back to your family as soon as possible.

What is Bail?

Bail is an already preset fee that serves as an indemnification between the defendant in custody and the court. Defendants who are eligible are allowed to post bail in cash. However, most people are usually incapable of making bail on their own because the bail amount is generally costly. This leads most of them to seek assistance from a bail bonds agency, which then posts bail on their behalf.

Understanding Riverside County Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a sort of surety bond which ensures an accused's release from custody and is issued by a bail bonds firm. It is referred to as bail and is bonded due to the indemnification or contractual emolument tied to it. The paid amount is recovered once all court processes have been completed. A bail bond can also be defined as a contractual agreement between an accused person and the court to be present in court for trial. Bail bonds are divided into two categories:

Criminal Bail Bond

This bail bond ensures that an accused will attend court for his or her trial when summoned by the court, as well as guaranteeing payments of any fines and penalties imposed against the accused.

Civil Bail Bond

This type of bail bond is utilized in civil trials to secure the repayment of a debt, in addition to interest and charges that have been imposed against the accused.

A bail bondsman normally stakes a fee to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. However, you could be permitted to remain out of custody on your own recognizance in certain cases.

What is Bail Premium?

A bail premium is a fraction deducted from the total bail amount by the bail bondsman who posts bail for you. Bail premium is a fee charged by the bail bonds company to make it easier for them to release you out of jail. As a result, they'll be responsible for the secured bail and will engage with the defendant to guarantee that the schedule set by the court is followed. In California, the typical non-refundable bail premium cost is 10%.

In some unusual instances or if a customer fulfills specific requirements, Riverside County bail bonds firm may provide concessions, decreasing a defendant's bail premium to around 8%. Every bail bonds agency is required by state law to post their charges publicly, to prevent any sort of extortion.

How Riverside County Bail Bonds Work

A judge will usually hold a pretrial hearing for someone who has been charged with any offense. The cost of bail is determined by the court. If the person is accused of a serious offense or considered to be at risk of fleeing, the court may refuse bail or set the bail to be high.

Judges have a lot of flexibility when it comes to determining bail rates, and the standard amounts differ by location. Bail might be fixed at $500 for a person accused of a minor offense.

After the bail sum is determined, the accused has three options: stay in jail till the allegations are settled at trial, post the entire amount till the matter has been settled, or secure a bail bond.

Courts in certain regions recognize titles to property or any other valuable collateral in place of money.

Bail bondsmen present criminal courts with contractual arrangements to collect the entire amount of bail when the offenders whose attendance they guarantee do not show up for trial.

The agency could also request that the accused provide a creditworthiness declaration or give security like property or assets. They often accept the most valuable goods, such as vehicles, jewels, houses, or stocks. After the bail is made, the accused is freed until his or her trial.

The Bail Bonds Process

Contacting a competent bail bondsman is usually the first stage in securing a bail bond. As stated before, the charged person can get a bail bond on their own, however, it is often usual for somebody outside of custody to post bail for them.

The bail bondsman will ask that you provide particular details about the offense as well as personal details about the convict to prepare a bail application. After the agreement has been signed by both the defendant and the bail bondsman the defendant will then pay his or her bondsman. As discussed in the preceding section, this fee is usually a portion of the total bail amount, but not above 10%. For instance, the fee cannot be above $5,000 for a bail set at $50,000.

This agreement could also include providing security, which necessitates the individual who obtains the bail bond to post assets on the agreement that the bail bondsman can claim if the alleged offender fails to appear for their court hearing.

Upon making the payment, the bondsman will then go to jail where the defendant is being held to make bail and release the detained offender from jail. Note that in California, bonds may be made at the jails during the day or night, so you should never hesitate to call a bail agent. The detained individual will be freed once the bondsman posts the bail, usually within a few hours.

After being freed from custody, you must adhere to the court's terms, including showing up to his or her court hearings on the scheduled day.

If this individual fails to show, the bail bonds agency will be forced to liquidate the property to recoup their damages. If no security was given, a licensed bounty hunter could be hired to capture the defendant and take them back to the authorities. A bounty hunter will only be granted a specific period before the bondsman can no longer recover the bail amount.

Types of Bail Bonds

The type of bail that you'll require will depend on whether your offense is being pursued at a federal and state level, as well as the nature of the offense you committed. It's essential to fully comprehend the basic concepts of each form of bail before actually deciding which is most ideal for you or your loved one.

Cash Bond

This is a bond that requires you to pay the full amount before being released from jail while giving you the chance to wait for your trial from the outside. You may only use a cash bail when the entire bail amount is accessible to you. When you attend all of the scheduled court hearings, you should get the full amount within 60 to 90 days.

Federal Bond

You may only be able to use this type of bond if you're facing federal allegations. Federal bonds are completed with the federal court and don't require the assistance of a bondsman. You can use either cash or property to make your transaction.

Immigration Bond

This bond is used by non-citizens. This form of bail might be confusing, and it poses a significant risk to the bondsman. Only specialized firms are permitted to issue them.

Property Bail

This is a commonly used bail. As collateral for this sort of bond, the individual must surrender all ownership rights of the property. Various forms of assets could be utilized as collateral, but the most common is real estate. Since the bail bond agency must assess the asset, securing this type of bail takes far longer than securing a cash or surety bail bond.

Surety Bond

The most popular kind of bail is a surety bond. If you don't have all of the money necessary to get out of custody, you may get help from any bail bonds. A surety bond can be obtained by paying the bondsman 10 percent of the total bail money and entering an agreement promising to attend court for your hearings. The bondsman will deposit the whole amount to the jail after the 10% fee has been completed or a payment schedule has been established.

I’m I Eligible for Bail?

Not every defendant is eligible for bail. The court can make this determination based on factors such as:

  • The defendant's ability to make bail

  • His or her state of mind

  • Criminal background

  • His or her obligations to the family

  • If he or she poses any risk to the society

  • Whether he or she is a flight risk

  • Abuse and reliance on drugs and alcohol

If the court believes you are deserving of bail, the judge could impose further conditions while you await arraignment. They could, for instance, require you to seek substance abuse therapy, attend therapy sessions, surrender your firearm, and not travel out of California, among other things. You may also be required to check in with the court regularly before your trial and find work.

Information that a Riverside County Bail Bondsman Need

When you contact a reputed firm, the representative will ask you for several details:

  • Name(s) of the person(s) in need of bail

  • Address of your residence

  • Year of birth

  • Details about the defendant's job

  • The nature of the offense for which the offender has been charged

  • The proposed bail amount

  • The location where the defendant was apprehended and where he or she is being held

Bail might run into the thousands based on the offense and kind of bail required, and any other risk associated with your release. A bail bonds service will speed up the bail posting procedure so that you could get out of jail as soon as possible.

What is Bail Forfeiture?

When you refuse to attend court for trial, the court could forfeit the bail you posted and issue a California bench warrant for your arrest. You will also not get any of your money back if you had posted cash bail. If you obtained the help of a bail bond, the firm will demand a refund from you.

If you made bail using the property as security, the bond company would liquidate it to recover the amount owed to the court. They have the authority to capture the offender and turn him or her over to the authorities in the region where he or she escaped. When there isn't enough security, the bail bonds agency may engage a bounty hunter to apprehend you. Once you are apprehended, the bounty hunter will be paid a percentage of the bail.

If the defendant is not brought back within a specified duration, the bail bond agency may be required to pay the entire sum of bail.

When the defendant returns within 180 days since he or she forfeited the bail and has a valid explanation, the court may withdraw the forfeiture ruling and release the bond.

The court might excuse the following reasons:

  • You were affected by a mental condition

  • Serious injuries that you sustained during that period

  • A sickness or condition that is substantiated by medical evidence

  • You are or have a disability that caused you to miss court

  • You were in custody in another jurisdiction

Failure to attend court might have serious consequences. It could also be presented as a reason for the court to refuse or enhance your bail money in subsequent court procedures once the ongoing one ends.

Reasons for Calling a Riverside County Bail Bonds Agent

It's natural to only notice the disadvantages when you're involved in a contractual arrangement with the bail bondsman, whether you're the one who wants to get out of detention or the one who is supporting a loved one. There're, however, pros of using bail bonds services to bail out.

To start with, many accused persons have minimal knowledge of how the bonding process works. They don't know what questions they should ask or to whom they should direct their inquiries. A professional, licensed bail bonds business will help you get out of jail for a reasonable fee. They'll begin by searching for every information they'll need to quicken your bail procedure, while also outlining how they'll do it.

They will bill you a one-time charge while providing you with the confidentiality and privacy you deserve to deal with your situation. The most ideal bondsmen with skilled experts will be prepared to offer you the best services for your specific scenario. Due to the high cost of bail as well as the complexities associated with the procedure, an ideal agency needs to provide services to help its customers, such as:

  • Services that are both confidential and timely

  • Affordable services

  • There should be no hidden costs and should offer a free consultation

  • Accept a range of payment options

  • Services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Concessions as well as discounts

  • Phone approvals

  • Agents that are both helpful and devoted

Other benefits of using bail bonds services include:

Favorable Schedules for Payment

Even if you just pay a portion of the entire bail amount, you might end up spending thousands of cash to clear the bail. Initial payments must be made by the courts, that's usually unreachable for a large percentage of the people.

When you are using bail bonds services, you get more flexibility since you can directly arrange repayment schedules with the agency, lessening the financial load on yourself or your family.

Shorter Release Time

Since a reputable bail bonds service knows the jail and court system and how it works, they've made a conscious effort to form professional relationships with people who work there. This can lead to your early release, enabling you to get back home earlier and take care of family matters, lessen your time away from your place of work, and have enough time to engage with your lawyer to establish a detailed and thorough defense strategy.

Faster Services

You'll be forced to wait much longer for answers if you speak with court staff directly. This shows that you are one person among thousands, in that system. Enlisting a bail bonds company presents you with more ease by connecting you with a devoted team of professionals who are working with lesser clients. They'll also be capable of answering your questions promptly.

Riverside County Jail and Court Information

Riverside Superior Court

4050 Main Street

Riverside, California 92501


The Robert Presley Detention Center (Riverside County Jail)

4000 Orange St

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